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Let's face it.  Las Vegas is in the desert and the desert is hot...sometimes unbearably hot.  With an average of 310 sunny days and only 4 inches of rain per year, you can probably leave your rain slicker at home.  However, during the summer months be aware of flash floods that can quickly descend on the valley.

Although the daytime temperature is always at least 100° F during the summer months, at night the temperature is actually quite comfortable, often dipping into the low 70s.

During the winter months, the average temperature is a pleasant 48°F.


Average High

Average Low

January thru March  



April thru June   



July thru September 



October thru December



What to Wear
Casual clothing is the norm in Las Vegas, especially during the day.  Shorts, jeans and sundresses are the most seen apparel from April through October, while sweaters and warm jackets are worn from November through March.  For a night on the town, women often wear cocktail dresses, suits, or evening wear.  When going out the majority of men wear  a jacket and tie.

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